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Garden Waste

Getting rid of your garden waste...mulching, compost, or the dump...but definitely no burning...

Horses in your garden

Taking in a horse and having it on your land in France. All you need to know about how to do it.

Pet Insurance

Need some insurance to look after that pet of yours? We can get some quotes for you and explain everything. Contact us.


Beekeeping in France. How to keep bees and what administrative formalities you have to follow.

Swimming Pool

Want a swimming pool fitted? Imagine, basking in the sun...if you need help with the administration in France and want a pool, call us!

Garden Sheds...

Do you need a garden shed on your property in France? This will help you understand the basics of what needs to be done before buying one...

Your neighbour's trees

Before you start getting out the chainsaw and cutting the branches of that neighbour's tree, think and check out the law in France...

Water Company

Need to get the water turned on at your new house? Problems with an existing installation and need to connect to the mains? Contact us!

Gas Supply in France

There are usually two options that are available in France for the supply of gas. Either your house is going to be on the mains if you're...

French Admin

We are ready to take the strain on all on all your needs dealing with French administration or just making life easier for you in this...

Driving in France

What do you need to know before driving in France? here are some of the most important rules and regulations...

Starting up a Gîte

Thinking of starting up a gîte? It's not easy and takes a lot of administrative work. But it's worth the try.

Have you opened your account at, the Social Security website? You need to, to check how you are being reimbursed.

Carte vitale

How to get the all-important Carte vitale in France and make sure you get reimbursed.

Identity Cards

What's it like living in a country where identity has to be shown at all times? When did identity papers actually start in the country?

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