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C’est la vie ... facile

Moving to or living in another country is full of administrative hurdles. Those hurdles are not necessarily insurmountable, but sometimes you’d rather not have to wade through them, or at least, not on your own. Administration can be daunting in any country and in France if you’re not used to it, it can be tough going.

That’s why we’re here to help.

With French administration, as they say, "c’est la vie" but it just has to be done. Most expats have not had to come up against any administration, in particular rarely in countries such as the UK. It's not that admin doesn't exist elsewhere, but people have never really had to get identity papers or sign on with the Social Security. In France, the paperwork can be extensive, and time-consuming, a daunting task if your concentrating already on the language skills.

But all that can be made easy. Wherever your country of origin, we can and will help you.

We offer a personalised service for all your needs: 

  • Getting health insurance (mutuelle) and signing on with the French Sécurité sociale for your Carte vitale

  • Signing on for your Carte de séjour (residency permit) so you have the right to stay here. 

  • Getting any appointments organised and accompanying you where allowed to do so. 

  • Dealing with your utilities and internet set-up. 

  • Opening bank accounts and helping you with financial matters.

  • Liaising with service providers or cleaners / gardeners.

  • Accompanying you to provide assistance or interpreting with local notaires (French solicitors). 

  • Getting you house, car and even pet insurances.

  • Changing your driving licence.  

The whole point of moving to France is for the lifestyle. French Admin makes that hassle free and gives you the easy life. Moving and settling somewhere else is already a time when you have to think about lots of things and worrying about one less thing could be a life-changer.  

The service provided is fully bilingual and we are aware of the strains of administrative tape in this country after having lived here for nearly 30 years.

We will video / audio call, get your details and organise everything for you, keeping you fully up to date with what’s happening and how things are advancing. But, we will deal with everything from A to Z. 

Click on the link at the top, on the left, and get free advice for French public administration by reading the BLOG!

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French Admin

C'est la vie ... facile !

You've moved to France and you've come up against the hurdles of the French administrative system. It's not hard, it's just new and may seem complicated. We are here to make things easy. 

French Admin for an easy life:)

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Who are we?

Because you always need the best...

Organized Desk

Andrew set up French Admin in the Gers, where he now lives after having lived and worked in Toulouse for nearly 30 years. He has worked throughout those years, and continues to even today, for French public administration, and he has come to grasp the intricacies of it. 

He is fluent in both French and English. Over the years, he has acquired fully-comprehensive knowledge of how the French administrative departments work and can easily take the pressure of filling in daunting applications and helping with the smooth-running of things, making life far easier for you as expats coming to settle in this country.

Both his language and cultural skills are at your service. He holds a PhD in Languages, Literatures, Arts and Civilisations of the English-Speaking World and his doctoral thesis was comparative research related to immigration policies of the UK and France.

Give us a call or send an email and we will give you a personalised quote according to your needs. 

We are able to Skype, Zoom call, FaceTime or audio call (mobile, or via WhatsApp) to chat about your needs and requirements. We will take copies in digital format of your documents to get the necessary wheels in motion for the French administration, and when completed, we will destroy those digital copies. Any information that we are provided with shall remain strictly confidential and will never be passed on to anyone, except to administrative service, and only then with your consent.

We will sign a document with you allowing us to deal with sensitive information and providing us with the ability to speak to the administrative services on your behalf. Once the work is complete, that authorisation will come to an end. Your details will always remain confidential.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, or STRIPE (recognised form of bank / credit card payment with security). We will always officially bill you. Our prices are competitive and we will always give a 10% discount to first-time clients. Get a free quote from us today. We won't bill you, like some other companies, just for talking to you. WE will, however, get the job done.  

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Administrative Assistance Services

C'est la vie...facile

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Organized Desk
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Maisons de village

House History

Get your house researched

Now you have probably got the dream home in a beautiful French village, would you like to know who lived there in the 19th century? We can research local archives in the Gers (32) and give you either paper or digital copies of the census returns and details of the people that used to live there. We need to be able to access either the exact location or the names of the people who previously lived in the house, around the start of the 20th century (which is usually provided on the Notaire's documents when the house is sold to you). 

Most records can trace the house back (depending on the village) to roughly the beginning of the 19th century. 

CALL us or send a mail and we will give you a quote. 


Whatever your needs are, we can do it...

If you need help with the notaire and accompanying for the signing of any documents, then we can come along with you and act as an interpreter. We can even recommend a reputable notaire for you. 

If you need gardeners or cleaners, then we can find them for you.

Do you need a bank account opened that's nearby? We can come along with you and interpret for you. 

If you need work done on your house, and you want someone there to help you talk things over with them, then we are available. Or a pool fitted or windows changed?

If you looking for a new car and need someone to come along, we can help you out. 

Whatever your needs, we can be there. 

This type of service is charged by the hour.

CALL us or send a mail and we will give you a quote. 

Driving Licence

Need to change it over?

While living in France, you will need a French driving licence. We will take care of everything for you, including the translation service.

As from Monday 28th June 2021, it is now possible to have your driving licence exchanged for a French one if you are British and have a British driving licence, while being resident in France. You can still exchange your non-French / other European driving licence with the French authorities. You will need proof that you were living in the country that issued your driving licence at the time (your nationality is unimportant). 

CALL us or send a mail and we will give you a quote. We can exchange your licence for you.  


House, car and pet...

Whatever your insurance needs, we can suggest three policies for you to be able to make a choice, according to your needs.

CALL us or send a mail and we will give you a quote. 


All utilities (water, gas, electricity, internet and phones).

Do you need someone to help you out with the Water Company, the Gas, or the Electricity? Or do you need to get the Internet or the Phone Company connected, or even a mobile phone in your area and the best deals? We can deal with it all. No more hassle calling and asking if they speak English. We help you avoid paying their hidden charges or for services you don't need.

It's a good idea to change your internet provider or your phone company when your agreement or contract comes to an end. You get great prices when you start off but they tend to go up after a year, and can sometimes double. You just have to change companies and sign on with someone else, but we can take the hassle out of that for you. 

CALL us or send a mail and we will give you a quote. 

Residency Permit, Visa, or acquisition of French nationality

Signing on with the French state to get you the Carte de séjour to allow you to permanently set up residence here. 

Residency is no easy task and there are lots of papers on line that have to be filled in. We will do them all for you after having collected your details and taken copies of various official documents needed (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.). If you do not have those certificates from the UK, then we are in a position to get them for you via the internet and have them sent to you. We can also assist you with the scanning of all of those documents into the required format. We will accompany you all the way. 

We are not allowed to accompany you to the Prefecture for your appointment to get your residency card or naturalisation process, but we will provide you with assistance so that things run smoothly for you on the day.  

If you're looking for a VISA application, then we can also deal with that. Wherever you are from, we can help. 

CALL us or send a mail and we will give you a quote. 

PUMa Universal Health Cover and Mutuelle

Getting you signed on with the French Social Security and providing you with three choices of private top-up Mutuelles

We will take your details and fill in all documents regrading the application for French healthcare cover on the Social Security system. You will then receive your green Carte vitale through the post directly, meaning that you will be able to go to the hospital and the doctor's. 

Mutuelles are top-up private insurance companies that most people have in France. We will make three suggestions according to your wishes for coverage and what you are looking for exactly (private rooms, no advance of fees for medication, top-up on dental care and at the optician's...). We will note down all your details, ascertain what you are looking for, and find the best available options for you. 

CALL us or send a mail and we will give you a quote. 

If you also wish, we are in a position to help you sign on with the nearest doctor and dentist. 


Près la Cour d'appel d'Agen
Court of Appeal of Agen

As an official national legal translator and interpreter (expert judiciaire), I can translate all documents for French administration (civil registration certificates, deed polls, proxy, contracts, notarial acts, Covid attestations, driving licences...). I can also interpret (consecutively both from and into French). 

An official legal stamp will be provided. 


Français-anglais et anglais-français

French-English and English-French.

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Get in touch / Nous contacter

Leave your details and we will get back to you within 24h. Or call us directly and we will set the wheels in motion to help you out.

SIRET 792 191 686 00049

Andrew Milne

26 Avenue Élysée Duffréchou, 32140 Masseube, Gers


Merci pour votre envoi !

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