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C’est la vie ... facile

For all your interpreting and translating needs. 

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Who are we?

Because you always need the best...

Organized Desk

Andrew set up French Admin in the Gers, where he now lives after having lived and worked in Toulouse for nearly 30 years. 

He holds a PhD in Languages, Literatures, Arts and Civilisations of the English-Speaking World and his doctoral thesis was comparative research related to immigration policies of the UK and France. His Master's degrees were also related to translation. 

He is a fully-qualified and sworn translator [written] both ENG-FR and FR-ENG. He is also a sworn interpreter [oral] ENG-FR and FR-ENG. He can do consecutive translating with small numbers of people from and into source / target languages, and also simultaneous interpreting on a one-on-one basis. He is registered at the Court of Appeal of Agen.  

Give us a call or send an email and we will give you a personalised quote according to your needs. 

We are able to Skype, Zoom call, FaceTime or audio call (mobile, or via WhatsApp) to chat about your needs and requirements.

Any information that we are provided with shall remain strictly confidential and will never be passed on to anyone.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, or STRIPE (recognised form of bank / credit card payment with security). We will always officially bill you. Get a free quote from us today. 

Translations are usually provided within 48h of payment. A digital copy will be provided - it will be stamped with CertEurope (a digital and internationally-recognised date stamp). You will then receive a hard copy in the post, tracked. 

All translations can be used for all public administrations, visa applications, universities, official circumstances, tax offices, ANTS, etc. 

All circumstances for interpreting ENG-FR / FR-ENG are possible, including police, court, notaire, and driving tests, for example. 

Sworn Translator / Interpreter

Traducteur / Interprète assermenté

Legal Expert / Expert judiciaire

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Translating and Interpreting

C'est la vie...facile


Près la Cour d'appel d'Agen
Court of Appeal of Agen

As an official national legal translator and interpreter (expert judiciaire), I can translate all documents for French administration (civil registration certificates, deed polls, proxy, contracts, notarial acts, attestations, driving licences...).

I can also interpret (consecutively both from and into French). 

An official legal stamp will be provided. 

FR :

En tant qu'expert judiciaire, je peux traduire tous les documents destinés à l'administration française (actes d'état civil, acte formaliste unilatéral, procurations, contrats, actes notariés, attestations, permis de conduire...).

Je peux également assurer l'interprétation (consécutivement de et vers le français). 

Votre traduction sera revêtue d'un cachet officiel et de ma signature. 


Français-anglais et anglais-français

French-English and English-French.

What to do?


If you need a translation, then you simply need to send me PDF of it. It should be clear and readable entirely. 

The 'copy' of the original will be stamped and signed. 

It will be incorporated into a single document, with your translation, which will also be stamped and signed. 

If you are making an application for the Foreign Office in France, then you must ascertain if you need to have my signature 'legalised'. I can do this at the Town Hall. I would also need to know the exact requirement made by the department you are applying to. 

It is advisable to verify that the administration in France is requesting a copy (GRO certificate) that dates from under three months, or not. 

Translations are usually provided within 48h, but a more urgent service is also possible (within, 24h, and within 12h). 


En cas de besoin de traduction, il vous suffit de m'envoyer un fichier PDF. Le document doit être lisible dans son intégralité. 

La "copie" de l'original sera tamponnée et signée. 

Elle sera incorporée dans un document unique, avec votre traduction, qui sera également tamponnée et signée. 

Si vous faites une demande auprès du ministère des Affaires étrangères en France, vous devez vérifier si vous avez besoin de faire 'légaliser' ma signature. Je peux le faire à la mairie. Je dois également connaître les exigences exactes du service auquel vous vous adressez. 

Il convient de vérifier que l'administration en France demande une copie (certificat GRO) datant de moins de trois mois ou non. 

Les traductions sont généralement fournies dans les 48 heures, mais un service plus urgent est également possible (dans les 24 heures et dans les 12 heures). 

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Get in touch / Nous contacter

Leave your details and we will get back to you within 48h. Or call us directly and we will set the wheels in motion to help you out.

SIRET 792 191 686 00049

Andrew Milne

26 Avenue Élysée Duffréchou, 32140 Masseube, Gers


Merci pour votre envoi !

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