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Residency Permit

For those who arrived in France to set up home and live here permanently before 31st December 2020, the same set of rules that were applicable before Brexit still hold true. That means that UK citizens have the right to stay as long as they can prove that they have been living in France for a period of more than 3 months long. The application needs to be made before 1st July 2021 and it has to be after applying to join the French Sécurité sociale, with the Carte vitale.

Up until the withdrawal agreement, for UK citizens resident in France a Carte de séjour (permit to settle in the country) was optional, and most, if not all, never actually applied for one. Even those that had a "permanent" residency permit still have to apply for a new one under the terms of withdrawal. Applications are made individually and you will need to have an individual email address. However, children do not need to apply, until they reach the age of 18, or if they need to have a work permit. If you can prove that you have been living in France for more than 5 years, then you will get a permanent residency permanent again.

Even if you are currently applying for dual nationality, you will still have to apply for residency. The same applies to those that are married, or in a civil partnership (PACS), even if your partner is French. If you previously made an application via the 'no deal' website, you do not need to reapply, but at this stage, you should have already been called and given a Residency Permit. If, however, you moved and changed département since your application on the 'no deal' site, then you will need to apply again, as it is done on a département basis.

This link here will tell you all the papers that you will need to have before applications can be made, whatever your circumstances.

Anyone arriving after 31st December 2020 will apply for residency as a non-EU member and, therefore, will have to go through different channels.

Once you have obtained your residency permit, it is important to carry it with you at all times. While waiting for it to come through, you need to make sure that you can prove that you are actually resident in France (utility bill or tenancy agreement, property ownership proof, etc.). This is a country in which people have to prove their identity and all French citizens always carry their identity cards on them. If you leave the country, then you are advised not only to return and show your passport at border control, but also be in a position to prove again that you are a resident in France.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help you. Give us a call.

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